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Berwick Offray is a leading designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of decorative and woven ribbons, bows, gift wrap, gift bags, tissue, gift card holders and floral packaging products. Berwick Offray serves mass, craft and other retail distribution channels, as well as wholesalers, florists, and industrial businesses.  We are able to satisfy the needs of all customers seeking decorative ribbon and packaging for all occasions, especially Christmas.

Originally known as Berwick Industries, our roots began in 1945 with a focus on manufacturing a non-woven ribbon product known as "Satinette" right here in Berwick, Pennsylvania.   We later developed an all plastic ribbon called "Splendorette®," which is still made in Berwick and widely used for Christmas & all occasion decorative packaging. With the acquisition of C.M. Offray in March of 2002, Berwick Industries changed its name to Berwick Offray, and expanded our MADE IN USA product offerings to include narrow woven ribbons.

Our commitment to offering products manufactured in the U.S. is strong.  We still extrude, slit and finish our plastic ribbons and bows in Berwick, PA.  We weave single face satin ribbon, double face satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, and many other styles in Leesville, SC. Dyeing and finishing processes occur in Hagerstown, MD. There, in addition to producing over 100 colors of ribbon, Berwick Offray can also provide customized ribbon solutions through printing and hot stamping.

We've found that Berwick Offray customers appreciate knowing that they can choose products made in the U.S.:

Dear Berwick Offray,

Thank You for the perfect Christmas bows you made for the holidays! I love the fact they are made in the "USA." My goal is to purchase "US" made products when possible.

Thanks again for your fine quality.

Mary M.


Just purchased a bow for a gift package. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed "Made in USA."

Thank you. Keep up the good work!

A satisfied customer
LuAnn C.

Using some of your ribbon this morning --- and to my great joy I read on the package "MADE IN USA". Thank you!!!! Of course, "PACKAGED IN MEXICO" is also on the label, but I am still appreciative of a USA made product. Merry Christmas!



Today, Offray is still known in the marketplace as the producer of the "World's Most Beautiful Ribbons®" and is the leading brand for washable, dry cleanable, colorfast ribbon.

With sales, marketing, and manufacturing located throughout the U.S., Berwick Offray's broad portfolio of brands includes:

The breadth and depth of our product offerings continue to expand beyond our rich history, and include numerous trademarks in the Christmas, craft, gift packaging and floral markets. Examples of our extensive offering include:

Seasonal & all occasion indoor and outdoor ribbons (polypropylene, narrow woven and wired edge)

  • Spool O' Ribbon®, Kegs of Curling Ribbon®, Wraphia®

Seasonal & all occasion indoor and outdoor bows (hand tied and machine made)

  • Multi Bowbags, Curl Swirls®, Fireworks Bows®, The Perfect Bow®

Seasonal & all occasion gift bags

Tissue paper

Seasonal & all occasion gift card holders

  • GiveAGift®

Floral decorative ribbon, packaging, and accessories

  • Flora-Satin®, Seamaid® and McGinley® Mills Acetate Satins, Veltex®, Stem-Tex® stem tape, Deco IceTM decorative bouquet gem picks, Deco WireTM, Guardsman® waxed tissue, Kwik-Cover® pot covers, Guardsman® florist foil, Metallized Krystalphane®, Clear & Printed Krystalphane®, SureStaTM lacy & poly aisle runners, Krystalphane® bags & Shrink-RiteTM film

Custom weaves, prints, colors, sizes

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